Pet Sitting

Are you going on a trip or are you going to be away for the day and would like to have someone you trust to look after your pet and your house?

We are the solution!

With our pet sitting service

-We go to your home.

-Avoid the stress of having to remove your pet from its familiar environment.

-We will bring in your mail and water your plants. Our presence will also keep your home safe and looked after.

-Is a personalized service plus we are bonded and insured.

Spots are limited so if possible please book your dates in advance

Dogs ⦿ Cats ⦿  Small animals ⦿ Reptiles ⦿ Fish ⦿ Birds

Free Initial Meeting
To get to know the animal and its human, complete the forms and receive the key or access code of your residence.

-30 minutes visit
-Fresh food and water
-Let outside (dogs)

-Clean the litter box (cats)
-Brushing, playtime and cuddles


$10 To pick up or drop off keys


Important information

If more than 2 dogs, there will be a fee of $5 per additional dog

Cats: 1 visit per day is required